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Die Historie der Beta-Version finden Sie auf dieser Seite.


Updated VAT values for some countries.

You can now choose between net and gross in the dashboard.

The note field now works better when entering longer texts.

Entries that are dragged into a Finder window now always have unique file names.

When importing via drag & drop, it is now possible to force the import of the e-mail text by pressing the SHIFT or CMD key. As before, a file attached to the e-mail is preferred during import.


Compatibility with macOS Sonoma


Stability improvements.


Breaking change:

  • Discontinued support for MacOS versions older than 10.13. Older compatible versions are available from the Receipts Homepage.

Other changes:

  • Fixes saving library copies to external drives.
  • Fixes custom column settings persistence.
  • Fixes IBAN parsing issue.


Breaking change:

  • Dropped support for MacOS versions older than 10.13. Older compatible versions are available from the Receipts Homepage.

Other changes:

  • In case of database damage, a dialog offers the following options:
    • Repair database.
    • Use the last working database version.
  • "Save copy to..." allows creating backup copies of the current library from within the running application.
  • Fixes scanner dialog problem related to adding/removing devices while open
  • Fixes for "Steuererklärungsapp" integration.
  • Allow report creation for single selected document.
  • File names for export:
    • More reliable file system compliant names.
    • Emoticons are allowed.
    • Default export pattern now includes unique ID to avoid conflicts.


Fixes macOS 13.3 compatibility issues


  • Payment date dialog stays open when skipping months and starts with current date
  • Fix dashboard printing in Dark Mode
  • Stability improvements


  • Improved date picker behavior
  • Fixed disabled "iPhone/iPad import" menu entries


Stability improvements. If you're not afraid of the details, here they are:

  • Update default international tax rates presets
  • Support Dutch month names for date recognition
  • OCR retains PDF annotations
  • Quoted search now ignores included amounts
  • Fix continuity camera state in main menu
  • Fix formatted print export for placeholder entries
  • Fix encoding problem for certain imported HTML files
  • Fix attaching multipage PDF to existing PDF
  • Fix OCR issues with certain JPG files


  • Improved scanner dialog.
  • Fixes observed folder access issues and waits for iCloud downloads to finish.
  • Fixes import of HTML files.
  • Fixes sorting issue for reference numbers.
  • Other minor improvements.


  • Fixes compatibility issues with macOS 10.11.
  • Fixes dragging web pages from Safari on Dock icon.
  • Fixes desktop flatbed scanner edge cases.
  • Less error messages.


  • Fix "Observed Folder" issues related to remembering correct folder locations and access rights.
  • Fix recognition issues for ¥ symbol. Prefers default currency, if it is among the ¥ symbol using currencies.
  • The number of pages analyzed is limited to 3 by default now. It can be changed via the settings dialog. This fixes a bug, where analyzing very large documents previously might have caused infinite processing.
  • Overhaul extensions / integrations; Mail script can be updated, see
  • Show user notification mails imported by Apple Mail rules
  • Fix for dragging emails on the dock icon
  • New database repair tool for absolute emergencies. Download from here.
  • Receipts got its own accent color :)


With the latest update, we have improved the intelligent currency recognition and made the handling more comfortable and intuitive. Furthermore, we have extended Receipts with over 200 daily updated exchange rates. Read more about it in our blog.

PDFify, the OCR companion app, is now for sale also outside the Mac App Store. For all loyal Receipts users we'd like to offer a 20% coupon: HELLO-RECEIPTS <- Click to apply.


  • Extended exchange rates:

    • More than 200 rates
    • Historic rates of pre Euro era
    • Crypto rates like Bitcoin and ETH
  • Already used, and confirmed currencies are fixed at the top of the drop-down list

  • Dollar, pound and yen signs are recognized in OCR documents

  • Intelligent currency recognition now prefers the default currency or confirmed currencies

  • Currency can be corrected manually by entering the currency sign or the three-digit abbreviation next to the amount

  • Fix for GrandTotal import

  • Always show notification on observed folder imports

  • Fixed Receipts functionality in macOS "Services" menu

  • Fix sum of credit and debit for tags in dashboard

  • Fix compatibility issue for macOS 10.11 and 10.12

  • Fix SEPA XML issue by adding BIC settings field

  • Other minor fixes


  • Support for Apple Silicon (M1) and Big Sur (macOS 11.0)
  • OCR: More languages, resilient download, language names localized for German
  • Improved database stability
  • New app icon :)


  • The text recognition engine has been updated to use the latest version of Tesseract 4.1.1 for better results
  • The bug reporting has been updated
  • Warnings about dangerous locations has been reduced
  • License via iCloud as well, if Receipts is installed on another device
  • Fixed a rare issue that caused Receipts to crash on GrandTotal imports


New payment method

Tax changes in Germany

  • Added 16% and 5% to the default tax rates
  • Fix Steuererklä output to correctly handle new tax rates for 3. and 4. quarter of 2020

Improved Dashboard

  • List tag amounts
  • Toggle "Others" details visibility by click
  • Fix printing in Dark Mode

Value recognition

  • Option to recognize also plain numbers as required for Japanese Yen; general recognition improvement for currencies with 2 decimal places if turned off
  • Option to never guess the currency, to avoid false positives for some users. It can always be adjusted manually anyway.
  • Recognize month names in more languages: French, Spanish, Italian

Duplex print

  • When printing on both sides of the paper, this helps by adding empty pages for documents with odd page count. It can be activated by holding SHIFT key pressed and selecting "Print" from the main menu



  • Update foreign values when date changes
  • Localization of some menu entries
  • Fix import of folders
  • More minor fixes



  • Stability improvements for macOS Catalina



  • Stability improvements


  • Stability improvements


  • Stability improvements


  • Improved scanner experience
  • Improved search for numbers and text
  • Stability improvements


All details in this blog article (both German and English).


All details in this blog article (both German and English).


  • Faster text recognition (OCR) with support for more than 100 languages

  • Dashboard now also with Dark Mode theme

  • PDF view settings are remembered

  • Fix AppleScript issues with GrandTotal

  • Many small improvements


Dark Mode support for macOS 10.14 Mojave.

Details in this blog article (both German and English).


Visit Receipts' new website with improved help section and blog.

  • Improved classification. The contact and the category is set on import if previous samples of classification do fit. The data used before where IBAN, URLs and text samples. By only using text samples and considering the quantity of positive samples, the rate of matches has been improved. You still encounter repeating mismatches? Then please contact support and provide example documents. The data will be treated confidentially and not be shared with any third party.
  • Store app license in KeyChain to make it a better experience when working on freshly installed Macs
  • CMD + ALT + F to activate search, enter the string from clipboard and also jump to all in tree view
  • Analytics to improve app usage understanding. With your consent (AND ONLY WITH YOUR CONSENT) the app sends anonymous usage data to the web service "AppCenter" provided by Microsoft. You can turn it on in the preferences. Learn about the details in our Privacy Policy.
  • Fix: Delay import from observed folder a bit in order to wait for all file system tags to be applied that e.g. happens if saving EML from Mail app
  • Fix DATEV export issue related to file names


  • Improved amount recognition
  • Empty trash now really removes all unreferenced files and resets the undo queueTooltips for toolbar icons
  • Report did not attach formatted documents


DATEV Export

DATEV is a broadly used software solution for accountants and tax consultants in Germany. Amounts, dates, taxes and contacts are passed to their product "Unternehmen online" easily now. Find a detailed description and video in German language at


  • Recognition for Swiss invoices with special thousand separator character
  • Rarely occurring crashes
  • Compatibility with macOS 10.10


Fixes dashboard related issues


  • New buttons for tax, print, report and export below the dashboard view.
  • PDF edit options added to the main menu. Also added keyboard shortcuts for page rotation.
  • Export sign setting defaults to YES now
  • Fix: Localization PDF menu
  • Fix: Crash on empty entry creation
  • Fix: Unclear error message on import
  • Fix: Do not increase reference counter if reference was entered manually
  • Fix: Do not show default currency in dashboard for taxes


Export and report

  • Create your own templates for file names. With "/" custom folder structures can be defined
  • Define individual content for formatted print & PDF
  • Decide if +/- signs should be shown in exported columns
  • Attach documents to reports
  • Better printer output for reports and dashboard
  • New action buttons for quick access to all export related functionalities
  • New export/report column "Income & Expense"

And in other areas

  • Define a template for reference counter. Previously used patterns are transformed to a template automatically once
  • Set reference value via selection
  • Email and web page import is now paginated
  • Fill online payment "reason" field via template
  • Drop downs for contact and categories respect dicritics, upper and lower case letters correctly
  • Formatting issues for amounts in Excel exports fixed
  • Added exportFileName property to JSON export
  • Allow import of files inside of packages, like e.g. DevonThink
  • Crashed on empty tag names


  • Settings for contacts, categories and tags via popover window
  • Archiving contacts, categories and tags to have a less crowded side bar
  • PDF manipulation via context menu right within the preview: Remove document or page, rotate left or right, append another file
  • IBAN can be set per client or per document manually; choose from all IBANs found in the document by drop down menu
  • Leaner library management and menu entry to open recent libraries easier
  • Overhauled first launch experience
  • Adjust Swiss VAT rate from 8% to 7.7%
  • The window title is shown by default
  • Fix: SEPA XML issues
  • Fix: Don't assume $-sign in Australia to be USD
  • Fix: Don't use currency signs like ¥ £ $ € as indicators for currencies in OCR'ed documents anymore
  • Fix: Inconsistencies with Steuererklä reports
  • Fix: Crash when doing OCR on certain documents
  • Fix: Crash for email and HTML processing


New Banking Integrations

Enhanced support for direct payment with SEPA XML (ISO 20022), which is supported also by many international applications and finance institutes.

And also direct support for transactions with Bank X Professional. You now have the choice between more banking applications. Receipts already supported MoneyMoney and iFinance.

In the new settings sections you can also choose if you want to fill the reason field of a transaction with the contents if the title or the notes field.

Other Changes

  • Updated OCR engine to latest version
  • Removed property settings from the View menu, they are part of the preferences since 1.6.0
  • More compact representation of values in dashboard and hiding default currency names
  • Added a Print Dashboard ... button
  • Don't set amount to "0" if in fact no value has been found, instead leave it empty
  • Fix for date related filters not showing correct quarters
  • Stability improvements



Collecting receipts is a task that you might miss some times. Reminders will help you to remember it by sending a notification at a date you define.

Other Changes

  • Fixed a crash that happened when switching libraries
  • Fixed iFinance amount issue
  • "Income" and "expenses" replace "credit" and "debit"
  • Updated UI for placeholder screens
  • Improved duplicate recognition
  • On app launch the library will be cleaned up. You'll find the removed files in your system's trash.
  • The import operations are grouped in a better way for UNDO
  • Added column "Export File Name" to export and report configuration
  • Better "£" recognition
  • Better handling for "$" signs outside of USA
  • Setting for DMY of MDY date order recognition
  • Updated VAT/GST rates
  • Sort by payment date in list view
  • Renamed "Tracked Folders" to "Observed Folders"
  • Ignore Receipts Libraries or documents inside of them for import



The overall performance and responsiveness of the app has been improved, in particular for large databases with thousands of documents. The memory usage has again gone down as well.


You can now easily create empty placeholders for transactions you don't have the receipts yet available. This is super handy when used together with MoneyMoney. Just drag entries from MoneyMoney to Receipts to create filled placeholders.

A new section in the outline helps you find those entries where the attachment is still missing.

Other Changes

  • All worldwide currencies are now shown in the drop down.
  • Type the currency symbol or name directly into the amount field like e.g. "$10" to set it to USD.
  • "Pay Now" is always visible when there is a supported app installed and an amount larger than zero. IBAN is not a requirement anymore
  • Duplicate entries
  • The "reference" field is only used and shown in exports and print when activated
  • Settings Dialog:
    • Switch relevant date to "payment date" if required
    • Switch on and off properties

Various bugs have been fixed in many areas. Thanks for reporting them!


New and Updated

  • New look for preferences
  • Opt in for beta releases
  • Warning before deleting nonempty contact, category or tag from the outline
  • "Pay Now" button is only shown, when a compatible software is installed


  • Outline view scrolls less
  • Typo in dashboard: "Contacts (Dedit)"
  • Month and quarter in time period filters
  • Focus problems when app becomes inactive
  • Export with titles containing chars like backslash
  • Show duplicate symbol also in top list
  • Contact name consumes as much space as available in side list
  • Today filter did show future items
  • Better naming for "unassigned" and "others"
  • "Unassigned" values in charts were wrong
  • Stability improvements


New and Updated

  • More filter options, like quarters, months, starred, etc.
  • Newly created empty entries inherit selected property when created in specific contact, category or tag
  • Improved item selection on import or clicking on system notifications
  • Dragging multiple items on Other or Untagged entries in the outline removes respective properties
  • Menu in search field pointing to advanced search help topic


  • Tax rates
  • Dashboard flickering in bar chart
  • Exchange rate download
  • Opening only one library at a time
  • JSON import
  • Crash reporting
  • Search field
  • Overall stability and user experience


  • New: Recognizes JSON files conforming to API for import
  • New: CTRL +/- shortcut to switch
  • New: Create a new empty entry via CMD + N
  • New: Highlight search strings also in the PDF content
  • Upd: With ALT key pressed in the context menu the files can be reveiled in the Finder again
  • Upd: Export and report add colums: exchange rate, exchange rate date, credit/debit
  • Upd: On import from GrandTotal or MoneyMoney the respective app names are set as tags
  • Upd: Cursor up and down in search field moves item selection
  • Upd: Responsive dashboard
  • Fix: Column editor crash
  • Fix: Currency naming
  • Fix: Don't open the window again on external imports, like from Mail rules or print actions
  • Fix: Adding contacts and tags via "+" menu
  • Fix: Layout issue for filter
  • Fix: Broke money conversion for manual changes in last beta
  • Fix: Currency conversion stability
  • Fix: Delete button
  • Fix: Undo/redo outline updates
  • Fix: More stable app and window closing
  • Fix: OCR stability
  • Fix: Database stability
  • Fix: Some internal changes


This is a major release. As usual, please make sure to make backups of your files e.g. by using Time Machine. Your feedback is as always very welcome. Please use the built in support form for your convenience.

NEW: Credit & Debit

The "credit" or "debit" option is now available per document. It will show up as positive or negative values for export and charts. Current entries are converted to debit by default. The Dashboard adds some more related analysis as well.

Likeweise, the integration with the German tax application Steuererklä (German) has been improved and the revenue is now pre-filled as well. Learn more about it in this step by step article in German language: Umsatzsteuervoranmeldung

NEW: Detailed VAT Values

VAT amounts are now split corresponding to the personal settings. A smart UI helps to assign the correct values and signals possible wrong values. Old entries are migrated automatically by a smart algorithm. If there were problems in the migration process the entries remain untouched and are put into "Unconfirmed" again for manual review.

NEW: Import Invoices from GrandTotal

If you are using the great GrandTotal app for invoicing you can now do a one-click-import from there.

Tip: As you probably already know, there is already an integration the other way around to use Receipts entries as invoice entries.

NEW: Search & Filters

The search syntax has been improved to better support search for tags. Please take into consideration, that the meaning of # has changed. See help page for details.

Additionally, the current view can now be filtered by time period, contacts, category, tags and amounts.

Other Changes

  • New: Text recognition (OCR) can now be canceled and will always stop after a time out of one minute per page
  • New: Configurable columns for export
  • New: Open original mails and web pages in their respective apps
  • New: Paste MoneyMoney entries as placeholders for receipts.
  • New: Drag files on empty document placeholder
  • Upd: Renamed "provider" to "contact" (in German: "Anbieter" to "Kontakt")
  • Upd: Latest OCR engine (Tesseract 3.05.00)
  • Upd: OCR is performed in parallel now, making use of all CPU cores
  • Upd: HTML to PDF conversion is performed in parallel
  • Fix: Smaller database size
  • Fix: Improved stability in general


MailMate Integration

The mail client MailMate now supports Receipts by adding a bundle wich enables great work flow integration. Read more in this article. (German article)


  • New: Licenses are offered to be saved to 1Password
  • Upd: Sent date from mail is used as date property
  • Fix: Get and apply current exchange rates
  • Fix: Long sheet names in XLS
  • Fix: Edge case in rendering reports
  • Fix: Dashboard did not function
  • Fix: Print > Save as PDF now has a meaningful file name
  • Fix: Certain emails have not been imported due to encoding issues
  • Fix: On mail import the subject is used as title


Speed and stability improvements

The import of a batch of documents is now done in a parallel processes, which leads to a much faster experience. Also the UI responsiveness has been improved, especially for large collections.

More details:

  • New: Confirm and Paid; Holding the ALT key while pressing the "Confirm and Next" button will also set the payment date to the entries date; also available through shortcut CMD + ALT + RETURN
  • New: If all invoices of the same provider have been paid on the date of the invoice, then Receipts also sets the payment date for newly imported entries
  • New: Mark with SHIFT+ CMD + L key combination
  • Upd: Modified algorithm for recognizing similar documents and apply provider and category
  • Upd: Much faster import through parallel processing
  • Upd: Auto delete tracked folders on network storages move files after import to hidden .ReceiptsTrash folder
  • Fix: Hiccups with iCloud and tracked folders
  • Fix: Ignore hidden tracked folder contents
  • Fix: Progress indicator more reliable


Stability improvements


Scripting Interface

The new Scripting Interface is enabling everybody to easily get access to the collected data and process them the way it is fitting best into the own workflow. A rich API is covering export and import. Integration

The first fruit of this new API is the seamless integration with Umsatz - "bookkeeping the easy way". From Umsatz' import dialog it is a simple step to get all relevant data and documents.

Other Changes

  • New: Export to JSON format
  • New: Double click on table row opens PDF in default viewer
  • New: Copy and paste entries between Receipt libraries
  • New: Copy and paste files e.g. from Finder
  • Upd: Smarter date input:
    • Short date like "31.12." is recognized as previous years date
    • Just day part also completes to current month and year, like "1" or "1."
    • Order of day/month depending on default currency
  • Fix: Horizontal scroll in detail view
  • Fix: Little delay before moving documents to trash for tracked folders, solves problems with ScanSnap "Scan to File"
  • Fix: Localization issue


Scanner Tip

Learn how to set up the popular ScanSnap document scanner to use with Receipts in this video.

More details in English and German.


  • Fix: Share Extension
  • Fix: Responsiveness



A new icon indicates found duplicates on import in the "Recent Import" list. To reveal the ignored file use context menu option: "Show ignored file in Finder". More info: German / English

Payment Status

Unpaid list now shows number of days passed since invoice date. Additionally the icon becomes orange after 10 days and red after 14 days.

Import / Export

A new CSV export option has been added. More info: German / English

The "Recent Import" list can be adjusted via the context menu. More info: German / English


  • Fix: Stars were visually flipped
  • Fix: Localization issue around zooming menu entries


  • New: iFinance4 integration for direct payments. More info: German / English
  • Upd: Payment button configurable
  • Upd: Show net values in dashboard
  • Fix: Dashboard printing problems
  • Fix: Improved log submission for support incidents


Integration with Steuererklä

  • New: Integeration of German Steuererklä for comfortable triggering the "Umsatzsteuervoranmeldung" (Details in German)
  • New: Removed "paid" checkbox" and added a "document date" option in the calendar popover
  • New: Automated reference number creation identifying patterns e.g. if B-2017-0099-DE has been the last confirmed reference the next will be B-2017-0100-DE
  • New: Selected text in PDF can be set as title
  • Upd: New look for amount input fields
  • Upd: "Last Imports" shows the entries of the last 24h time window before the last import date
  • Upd: Smarter handling of MDY vs. DMY date format
  • Upd: Layout in details resizes according to contents for: amount, tags and notes
  • Fix: Search for reference and currency code
  • Fix: Tax value currency based on document currency
  • Fix: Check mark for journal settings menu
  • Fix: Encoding problem for certain Mail Imports
  • Fix: Show time for date added and updated
  • Fix: Very rare crash on 10.11 only on PDF import
  • Fix: Some PDF attachments were ignored on import from Mail
  • Fix: Negative net value calculation
  • Fix: Save tags on confirm


  • Upd: Tracked folders responding better to configuration changes; added link to help
  • Upd: Double click on tracked folder entry opens Finder
  • Upd: Context menu entry "Rename" for provider, category and tag entries
  • Fix: Drag files on window
  • Fix: Sort by tags
  • Fix: "Unconfirmed" counter in tree view
  • Fix: Editing in tree view with wrong color
  • Fix: Refresh UI on "Significant Date" changes
  • Fix: Payment date popover showed wrong date
  • Fix: Payment checkbox overlapped text field
  • Fix: "Toggle Star" naming


User Interface

A second view mode presents the data in a tabular format on top of the window. Also the look and feel has been updated to better support your workflow.

Tracked Folders

The powerful folder tracking feature can optionally be configured to automatically delete the file after successful import. Please note that this configuration option is only visible for empty folders. Help: en / de

Full list of changes:

  • New: Option to delete files after import for tracked folders; please note that the tracked folder initially has to be empty to display the option in the settings window; Help: en / de
  • New: Table view mode additionally to the existing list view mode
  • New: Zoom in/out menu and keyboard shortcuts for PDF preview
  • Upd: User Interface and icons
  • Upd: Duplicates in trash are ignored on import; Help: en / de
  • Upd: Show "Tags" and "Payment Date" by default
  • Upd: "Sort by" in left side view is now available through context menu
  • Upd: Number of visible items in provider and category drop down increased
  • Fix: Improved stability with some mail imports
  • Fix: Improved toolbar
  • Fix: Recognizing abbreviated month names
  • Fix: Incompatible "bezahlcode" banking applications
  • Fix: Share Extension in Preview app
  • Fix: German localization in bar charts
  • Fix: Negative values in charts
  • Fix: More reliable progress indicator
  • Fix: Hide "Pay now" if no corresponding app is available
  • Fix: Recognizing empty PDF on 10.10


  • New: The Payment Date can be chosen as the significant date, this is useful for companies where items become effective on payment date
  • New: Menu option to mark multiple items as "paid"
  • New: Menu option to mark multiple items as "unconfirmed"
  • New: CMD + Cursor up / down to move item selection
  • Upd: CMD + Return confirms entry
  • Upd: CMD + delete puts entry into trash
  • Upd: Removed SPACE for starring entries
  • Upd: Settings window not modal
  • Upd: Currency button and paid checkbox are reachable by keyboard navigation
  • Upd: Rename "Star" to "Flag"
  • Upd: Some smaller rearrangements in the sidebar
  • Upd: "Recent Imports" now lists documents that have been added today
  • Upd: Original source documents are now stored in the library by default; you can "Consolidate Files" from the "Files" menu for older libraries
  • Upd: More reliable PDF creation after OCR
  • Fix: Drag mails on window
  • Fix: Stability improvements


Extended Mail Support

It is now possible to drag multiple messages from Apple Mail to Receipts, letting the files drop either on the window or the dock icon.

Receipts will then look out if the mail contains a PDF attachment and import that. If there is no PDF attached the mail message body will be converted to PDF instead, this is expecially useful for invoices e.g. from Apple iTunes or Google Play.

But last but not least it is possible to create Mail Rules in Apple Mail and send the matched mails to Receipts by choosing the "Send to Receipts" AppleScript action in the rule definition. Now your periodical invoices get into Receipts automatically the moment they arrive.

Please take a look at this YouTube Video showing an example.

Other changes:

  • New: Mail rule script to import directly from Apple Mail
  • New: Drop files and mail on dock icon
  • New: Drag multiple mails on Receipts
  • New: If mail dragged on Receipts contains PDF, this is used instead of body content
  • New: Gray out empty list entries, only show journal items with contents
  • Fix: Slow PDF display on macOS 10.12 Sierra
  • Fix: Avoid to copy empty files
  • Fix: Date representation in list
  • Fix: Import issue
  • Change: Naming in view menu and full screen option
  • Change: Duplicate dialog removed, instead move duplicate items to last import and pull them out of trash if required
  • Update: OCR engine library
  • Update: Excel export library


  • Improvement: "Confirm and next" selects next unconfirmed item following current item and not first in list
  • Fix drag items on tag name
  • Fix import file with comment


  • Improved value recognition, especially with mixed tax rates
  • Improved PDF generation after OCR applied
  • Fix: Exchange rates caching; use today's rate if date not set
  • Fix: Database save operations
  • Fix: Use first IBAN found on document
  • Fix: Error handling on missing tacked folders
  • Fix: Avoid name collisions for exported file's names
  • Fix: TAB key field traversal
  • Fix: Refresh problems for provider, categories and tags
  • Fix: No highlight for values equal to 0,00
  • Fix: Moving previous folder to trash if exporting to existing folder


  • Hold ALT+CMD or ALT+SHIFT while clicking on a value to it to the current tax value
  • Pay button shows app icon to be used for performing the payment, like e.g. MoneyMoney
  • Use context menu to set amount, tax and date, also add to tax
  • New view option to show window title
  • Open files content menu
  • Added dock icon badge for unconfirmed entries
  • Added IBAN read only field
  • Paid checkbox sets receipt date if not confirmed and today otherwise
  • Detail view on right more compact
  • Reports support landscape mode
  • Pay button automatically sets the entry to "paid today"
  • Fixed exchange rate problems
  • Fixed payment button visibility after import
  • Fixed unstable OCR process
  • Fixed IBAN related issues
  • Improved value recognition


  • Added Share Extension, post content from other apps
  • Added view setting for "review" badges
  • Improved value recognition algorithm
  • Fixed "Save PDF to Receipts" in print dialog
  • Fixed exchange rate issues
  • Fixed PDF creation problems


  • Learn how to use Receipts with your mobile:
  • Integration with Keep the macOS accounting software, just copy paste your receipt entries to create bookings
  • Do not show "last import" for tracked folders
  • Cached exchange rates for better performance
  • Improved value recognition algorithm


  • Added support for tags (optional)
  • Added support for title (optional)
  • Added support for payments (optional) including date
  • Added support for reference number (optional); auto incrementing
  • Improved OCR: Faster, more accurate, better searchable and smaller PDF files
  • Improved import behavior
  • Improved data recognition
  • Improved search
  • Zero is a valid number input
  • Export file names contain amount
  • Clipboard extension to hand over more data for accounting software import


  • Stability improvements


  • Choose one of the new Journal view modes: quarter, trimester, semester
  • Normalized net and tax values in reports and exports, i.e. foreign currency rates are applied if required
  • Print formatted style (CMD+ALT+P)
  • Support for net values in GrandTotal
  • Note field content is used in wire transfer as "reason" message, better integration with MoneyMoney
  • IBAN validation
  • Option to see all currencies worldwide
  • Tracked folders were not scanned on app launch
  • Scans did repeat first page on import
  • IBAN was not found in documents with more than one page
  • Better click behavior around currency fields
  • Right click on empty PDF areas does not offer to set provider or note any more
  • Fix printing of multiple selected entries


  • Compatible with upcoming macOS 10.12 Sierra
  • Displaying taxes in dashboard info
  • Better recognition for German umlauts in image documents


  • Excel export sum moved to correct column


  • Integration with, enjoy much better support from within the application
  • Improved German localizations


Receipts is public now!