License Migration

Convert your Apple AppStore purchase to a regular license.

How to migrate?

  1. Please download this little tool, unzip and start it:
    Download Receipts Migration Tool
  2. Drag your Receipts app on the tool’s window, usually you’ll find it at: /Applications/
  3. Fill in your name and email and confirm
  4. You will receive an email with your license key
  5. Download the latest Receipts from this website: Download Receipts
  6. Replace local Receipts by the freshly downloaded one
  7. Apply the license key by double-clicking it

Why should I migrate?

For a software developer releasing a new version to the Apple AppStore is difficult and time-consuming.

This is because of the AppStore review process at Apple’s which can take from one day to weeks, depending on their work load. The app can also be rejected, not only because of issues in the App, but also due to changed guidelines by Apple.

Another disadvantage is the limitation put on AppStore apps. For Receipts some extensions cannot be offered, due to AppStore regulations and sandboxing. This means new features or even critical bugfixes will arrive to the user with a delay of some days. Outside of the AppStore the updates can be released immediately.

Another drawback for vendors is, that they do not know their customers. Apple is keeping the data for themselves. Therefore we cannot help with purchase issues or inform about critical issues, because we simply do not know our clients. Besides all this Apple is charging 15 - 30% of commission for each sale, which is quite unattractive, because the benefits are minimal.

If you want do know more or discuss this with me, feel free to do so via the support form.